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Education in the Province of Rizal


Shots taken from Wawa Elementary School (TANAY, RIZAL) and Santiago Elementary School (BARAS, RIZAL)
Education is valued and treasured in Rizal. For more than two decades, past and current leaders of this culture-filled and nature-blessed province envisioned the idea of giving priority to learning and academic excellence. Inspired by the belief and vision of our National Hero and distinguished symbol of the province, Dr. Jose Rizal, to the Filipino Youth, they have diligently built a system and created a program to provide only the top-class and high-quality of education for the people, particularly its youth. Ideally, academic development should start during the early years in school – ELEMENTARY Education. This is where the Rizal Provincial Government (RPG) focused its allocations to improve the capacity of all primary/elementary students of Rizal. Efficiently designed (Ynares-type) school buildings and instructional facilities have been constructed to many parts of the province, giving emphasis particularly to areas and districts where people have limited access to formal education. The purpose of having an effective means and pleasurable experience in learning is aimed by the provincial government. Believing education encourages imagination, creativity and interest in knowledge which will then support the achievement of its economic growth and stability, through its people.