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Education in the Province of Rizal


Shots taken from Angono National High School (ANGONO, RIZAL) and Guronasyon Foundation Inc. National High School (BINANGONAN, RIZAL)
After laying a concrete foundation of knowledge and training in primary education, Rizal under the stewardship of its most recent leaders conceptualized the construction of school buildings and facilities for High School. This is mainly to enhance and further develop the basic and raw skills a student had gathered in elementary. Also considered is the importance of a continuous education to achieve growth, progress and excellence through the cooperation of the local government and the community. Introductory high school buildings have been erected to selected municipalities at first. But with an increase in demand for education with quality and affordability, the Rizal Provincial Government have decided and thus funded the establishment of several public and national high schools within the province. These molding and guiding structures accommodate the schooling need of every Rizaleño youth. The construction and subsequent operation of the Rizal National Science High School, the only science high school in Rizal, serves as the highlight of this very important project.