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Education in the Province of Rizal


Shots taken from URS Antipolo and URS Angono
Having seen the significance of finishing studies in addition to being aware about the growing number of high school graduates who seek and yet cannot afford college education on high end universities and institutions in Manila and neighboring cities, the Rizal Provincial Government have devised the construction of the Rizal State College (RSC), the only government-operated tertiary school in the province, in various municipalities in Rizal. Initial operations of said state colleges were successful enough that the administration and supervising committee have proposed an upgrade turning RSC into the University of Rizal System (URS), to be established in almost all municipalities and which will cater to even more upcoming college students of the province.
Many talented youth of Rizal can now improve their skills in a university that is being run by their fellow Rizaleños. In addition, underprivileged yet gifted students were given the opportunity to enhance and develop their talents domestically without bearing the difficulty of needing to graduate on high end schools outside Rizal. The availability of URS helps the students to specialize their skills and knowledge while also becoming more enabled and more professionalized.