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Livestock Production

Rizal Province is one of the country's top hog producers. As evidenced by the Foremost Farm, the Philippine's largest and one of Asia's biggest piggery farms has been established here since 1970. This farm can produce an average of 50 tons of hogs for domestic and foreign markets. Aside than this, there are also other piggeries and poultry farms producing hogs and poultries that are supplied to local market demands. Backyard scale piggeries and poultries (native chicken, broiler and ducks) are also scattered in the province and are used for local consumption. Other livestock animals like cattles, goats and carabaos are commonly raised in upland areas. Carabaos are used as draft animals for farming, while goats and cattles are for meat production.

Cutflower and Ornamental Plants

The Province is also gifted with favorable conditions for growing cutflowers and ornamental plants. There are thousands of species that are endemic in the province especially in the upland forested areas where most of these are not yet botanically identified. Among the cutflowers, orchid growing is favorite among cultivators. Aside from its ornamental values, it has also big potential for local and foreign markets. Resident growers in Rizal Province also grow native and hybrid species of orchids like dendrobiums, cattleyas, vandas, terete vandas, phaelenopsis, cymbidium, renatheras, ascocentrums, among others. These orchid species attract hobbyists and enthusiasts to grow in their own backyards not just for hobby but as an additional source of income for their family. Bonsai and foliage plant growing are also flourishing businesses in the province as primary materials for landscaping and greening the sorroundings.