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Education in the Province of Rizal


Shots taken from Binangonan Elementary School (BINANGONAN, RIZAL)
With the provision and construction of school buildings and facilities for elementary through college, the provincial government was able to address one, if not many, of the important needs of every Filipino youth while also presenting the enviable chance to improve the students’ views, ability and capacity which will then shape them to become better performing and responsible members of the community. Yet many would notice the presence of the Ynares-type Covered Courts within a public school or near the vicinity of a barangay hall. Some may question its construction and its significance.
Truth to be told, said covered courts are not primarily or mainly intended for sports. It is designed and constructed for the purpose of shouldering the need for a venue during important school events and programs in addition to being an alternate or temporary study area in case there is a shortage of classrooms in a particular school.
Hence, all of these structures truly perform within its concept and is a testament to the generous purpose and progressive vision of the Rizal Provincial Government.